The Force That Through The Green Fuse Drives The Flower

Author: Michael Brennan
ISBN: 9781645703198
File Size: 17,88 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Exhibition catalogue for the Noosa Regional Gallery exhibition, 'The force that through the green fuse drives the flower', an affiliate exhibition of the Victorian based ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019 festival.

Driving Green Consumerism Through Strategic Sustainability Marketing

Author: Quoquab, Farzana
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522529136
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Format: PDF, Mobi
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The use of environmentally safe products is an emerging and popular trend throughout various industries. Product manufacturing and sales has changed in order to incorporate green initiatives that will appeal to this fast-growing market. Driving Green Consumerism Through Strategic Sustainability Marketing is an essential reference source for the latest scholarly research on the latest trends of consumerism and its effect and implications on the environment. Featuring coverage on topics and perspectives such as nutricosmetic products, green marketing, and animal products, this publication is ideal for those interested in aspects of green consumerism.

Winson Green To Brookfields Through Time

Author: Ted Rudge
Editor: Amberley Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1445632357
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Across The Green Grass Fields

Author: Seanan McGuire
ISBN: 9781250213594
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A young girl discovers a portal to a land filled with centaurs and unicorns in Seanan McGuire's Across the Green Grass Fields, a standalone tale in the Hugo and Nebula Award-wining Wayward Children series. “Welcome to the Hooflands. We’re happy to have you, even if you being here means something’s coming.” Regan loves, and is loved, though her school-friend situation has become complicated, of late. When she suddenly finds herself thrust through a doorway that asks her to "Be Sure" before swallowing her whole, Regan must learn to live in a world filled with centaurs, kelpies, and other magical equines—a world that expects its human visitors to step up and be heroes. But after embracing her time with the herd, Regan discovers that not all forms of heroism are equal, and not all quests are as they seem... A standalone Wayward Children story containing all-new characters, and a great jumping-on point for new readers.

The Kentucky Encyclopedia

Author: John E. Kleber
Editor: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813159016
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The Kentucky Encyclopedia's 2,000-plus entries are the work of more than five hundred writers. Their subjects reflect all areas of the commonwealth and span the time from prehistoric settlement to today's headlines, recording Kentuckians' achievements in art, architecture, business, education, politics, religion, science, and sports. Biographical sketches portray all of Kentucky's governors and U.S. senators, as well as note congressmen and state and local politicians. Kentucky's impact on the national scene is registered in the lives of such figures as Carry Nation, Henry Clay, Louis Brandeis, and Alben Barkley. The commonwealth's high range from writers Harriette Arnow and Jesse Stuart, reformers Laura Clay and Mary Breckinridge, and civil rights leaders Whitney Young, Jr., and Georgia Powers, to sports figures Muhammad Ali and Adolph Rupp and entertainers Loretta Lynn, Merle Travis, and the Everly Brothers. Entries describe each county and county seat and each community with a population above 2,500. Broad overview articles examine such topics as agriculture, segregation, transportation, literature, and folklife. Frequently misunderstood aspects of Kentucky's history and culture are clarified and popular misconceptions corrected. The facts on such subjects as mint juleps, Fort Knox, Boone's coonskin cap, the Kentucky hot brown, and Morgan's Raiders will settle many an argument. For both the researcher and the more casual reader, this collection of facts and fancies about Kentucky and Kentuckians will be an invaluable resource.

Green Brook Sub Basin Flood Control Plan Updated Information Concerning A Revised Recommended Plan And Mitigation Plan Middlesex County Union County Somerset County

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A Journey Through The Universe

Author: Ian Morison
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107073464
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A comprehensive, up-to-date survey of our knowledge of the Universe beyond Earth, for general readers and astronomy enthusiasts.

Along The Saltwise Sea

Author: A. Deborah Baker
Editor: Tordotcom
ISBN: 1250768276
File Size: 28,55 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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For readers of Kelly Barnhill and Cat Valente's Fairyland books, adventure and danger lurk Along the Saltwise Sea in this new book by Seanan McGuire's latest open pseudonym, A. Deborah Baker. Be sure to explore the myriad wonders that can be found Along the Saltwise Sea. After climbing Over the Woodward Wall and making their way across the forest, Avery and Zib found themselves acquiring some extraordinary friends in their journey through the Up-and-Under. After staying the night, uninvited, at a pirate queen’s cottage in the woods, the companions find themselves accountable to its owner, and reluctantly agree to work off their debt as her ship sets sail, bound for lands unknown. But the queen and her crew are not the only ones on board, and the monsters at sea aren’t all underwater. The friends will need to navigate the stormy seas of obligation and honor on their continuing journey along the improbable road Writing as A. Deborah Baker, New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Seanan McGuire takes our heroes Avery and Zib (and their friends Niamh and the Crow Girl) on a high seas adventure, with pirates and queens and all the dangers of the deep as they continue their journey through the Up-and-Under on their quest for the road that will lead them home.... Welcome to a world of talking trees and sarcastic owls, of dangerous mermaids and captivating queens in this exceptional tale for readers who are young at heart in this companion book to McGuire's critically-acclaimed Middlegame and the sequel to Over the Woodward Wall. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Sea Turtles

Author: James R. Spotila
Editor: JHU Press
ISBN: 0801880076
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Presents a vivid description of the natural history and life cycle of the seven species of sea tutles, including diets and mating habits, the environmental dangers that threaten their survival, and current conservation efforts.

Handbook Of Pulping And Papermaking

Author: Christopher J. Biermann
Editor: Elsevier
ISBN: 008053368X
File Size: 39,94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In its Second Edition, Handbook of Pulping and Papermaking is a comprehensive reference for industry and academia. The book offers a concise yet thorough introduction to the process of papermaking from the production of wood chips to the final testing and use of the paper product. The author has updated the extensive bibliography, providing the reader with easy access to the pulp and paper literature. The book emphasizes principles and concepts behind papermaking, detailing both the physical and chemical processes. A comprehensive introduction to the physical and chemical processes in pulping and papermaking Contains an extensive annotated bibliography Includes 12 pages of color plates

Fostering Green Exports Through Voluntary Sustainability Standards

Author: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
Editor: United Nations
ISBN: 9210049969
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The 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals set the world on the path of sustainable development and give international trade an important role to play in this journey: “International trade is an engine for inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction, [which] contributes to the promotion of sustainable development” (Paragraph 68, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development) How can international trade become a driving force for a development as sustainable as it is inclusive, ensuring that no one is left behind? How can it respond to the growing demand for production, exchange and consumption patterns that are both environmentally and socially sustainable, as well as economically profitable? To help developing countries build their capacity to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth through trade, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has examined ways for fostering green exports via the exploitation of voluntary sustainability standards (VSS). VSS are norms and standards to ensure that a product is produced, processed or transported sustainably in terms of, e.g. respect for human rights, decent working conditions, gender equality or environmental protection, with a view to achieving environmental, social and economic objectives. Certification is one of the many VSS tools used by producers and organic standard is the most widely applied VSS in the agricultural sector. To this end, UNCTAD has worked with three countries in the Asia-Pacific Region (Lao PDR, the Philippines and Vanuatu) and developed an approach, which is ready-to-use, streamlined and adaptable to local specificities.This portfolio presents the main outcomes of this development account project, including the approach and tools developed in its framework:• An introduction to green exports and VSS: opportunities and challenges for developing countries • UNCTAD’s approach and tools to build countries’ capacity to foster green exports through VSS • The country case study of Vanuatu • The country case study of the Philippines • The country case study of Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Soup Through The Ages

Author: Victoria R. Rumble
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 0786453907
File Size: 28,54 MB
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As cooking advanced from simply placing wild grains, seeds, or meat in or near a fire to following some vague notion of food as a pleasing experience, soup—the world’s first prepared dish—became the unpretentious comfort food for all of civilization. This book provides a comprehensive and worldwide culinary history of soup from ancient times. Appendices detail vegetables and herbs used in centuries-old soup traditions and offer dozens of recipes from the medieval era through World War II.

Fear Through The Short Stories Of Poe And Maupassant

Author: Guy de Maupassant
Editor: Editions Le Mono
ISBN: 2366592949
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Format: PDF, Mobi
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« I also know of something strange, so strange that it has haunted me all my life. It is now fifty-six years since the incident occurred, and yet not a month passes that I do not see it again in a dream, so great is the impression of fear it has left on my mind. For ten minutes I experienced such horrible fright that ever since then a sort of constant terror has remained with me. Sudden noises startle me violently, and objects imperfectly distinguished at night inspire me with a mad desire to flee from them. In short, I am afraid of the dark! » – (Guy de Maupassant)

A Tour Through The Island Of Great Britain Divided Into Circuits Or Journies Containing 1 A Description Of The Principal Cities And Towns Their Situation Government And Commerce Originally Begun By The Celebrated Daniel De Foe Continued By The Late Mr Richardson In Four Volumes Vol 1 4

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Tan Tien Chi Kung

Author: Mantak Chia
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1594778418
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A fundamental Taoist practice for enhancing and utilizing chi • Includes breathing and movement exercises to promote vitality and healing through the cultivation of chi in the tan tien and perineum areas • Presents the foundational exercises that are essential for more advanced practices such as Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Cosmic Healing Tan Tien Chi Kung is the art of cultivating and condensing chi in the lower abdomen--the tan tien--the fundamental power storehouse of the body. Known as the Ocean of Chi to the ancient Taoists, this lower abdominal area holds the key to opening the body and the mind for the free and continuous movement of chi. Tan Tien Chi Kung contains specific breathing and movement exercises that develop the power of the chi stored in the body to increase vitality, strengthen organs, and promote self-healing. Mantak Chia explains how these exercises also provide a safe and effective method for receiving earth energy, which allows the practitioner to achieve balance physically, mentally, and spiritually--all of which are essential for the more advanced practices of Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Cosmic Healing. It is our mind that directs and guides our chi, but if the mind and body are out of balance or under stress, the mind cannot perform this function. The tan tien actually contains a large quantity of neurotransmitters, making it a key source of body intelligence. It is for this reason the Taoists also referred to Tan Tien Chi Kung as Second Brain Chi Kung and created exercises that would allow practitioners to gain awareness of the tan tien’s function to restore the mind-body balance that is essential for spiritual growth and optimal well-being.

Video And Filmmaking As Psychotherapy

Author: Joshua L. Cohen
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317670663
File Size: 20,15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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While film and video has long been used within psychological practice, researchers and practitioners have only just begun to explore the benefits of film and video production as therapy. This volume describes a burgeoning area of psychotherapy which employs the art of filmmaking and digital storytelling as a means of healing victims of trauma and abuse. It explores the ethical considerations behind this process, as well as its cultural and developmental implications within clinical psychology. Grounded in clinical theory and methodology, this multidisciplinary volume draws on perspectives from anthropology, psychiatry, psychology, and art therapy which support the use and integration of film/video-based therapy in practice.

Popular Science

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Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

Traffic Highway Engineering

Author: Nicholas J. Garber
Editor: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1111800839
File Size: 12,60 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The new edition of Garber and Hoel's best-selling text focuses on giving students insight into all facets of traffic and highway engineering. Students generally come to this course with little knowledge or understanding of the importance of transportation, much less of the extensive career opportunities within the field. Transportation is an extremely broad field, and courses must either cover all transportation modes or focus on specifics. While many topics can be covered with a survey approach, this often lacks sufficient depth and students leave the course without a full understanding of any of the fields. This text focuses exclusively on traffic and highway engineering beginning with a discussion of the pivotal role transportation plays in our society, including employment opportunities, historical impact, and the impact of transportation on our daily lives. This approach gives students a sense of what the field is about as well as an opportunity to consider some of its challenges. Later chapters focus on specific issues facing transportation engineers. The text uses pedagogical tools such as worked problems, diagrams and tables, reference material, and realistic examples to demonstrate how the material is applied. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Evanston A Tour Through The City S History

Author: Margery Blair Perkins
ISBN: 0615771793
File Size: 77,89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Local historian Margery Blair Perkins (1907-1981) provides a detailed narrative charting the growth and development of the North Shore city of Evanston, Illinois, a place boasting a rich and multi-layered history. Perkins brings the citys past to life through stories of its residents, architecture, and growth over the years. She charts the development of the city from its earliest days when it was known as the settlement of Grosse Pointe and later Ridgeville to its modern manifestation as a bustling city just outside of Chicago. Within a larger historical narrative, Perkins provides biographies of noted residents as she documents the evolution of the citys organizations, cultural life and institutions, such as Northwestern University.

Routledge Handbook Of Banking And Finance In Asia

Author: Ulrich Volz
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134862148
File Size: 12,25 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Routledge Handbook of Banking and Finance in Asia brings together leading scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to provide a comprehensive and cutting-edge guide to Asia’s financial institutions, markets, and systems. Part I provides a country-by-country overview of banking and finance in East, Southeast, and South Asia, including examples from China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, and Singapore. Part II contains thematic chapters, covering topics such as commercial banking, development banking, infrastructure finance, stock markets, insurance, and sovereign wealth funds. It also includes examinations of banking regulation and supervision, and analyses of macroprudential regulation, capital flow management measures, and monetary policy. Finally, it provides new insights into topical issues such as SME, green, and Islamic finance. This handbook is an essential resource for scholars and students of Asian economics and finance and for professionals working in financial markets in Asia.