The Making Of On Her Majesty S Secret Service

Author: Charles Helfenstein
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Based on years of research, hundreds of interviews, and exclusive access to the archives of author Ian Fleming, screenwriter Richard Maibaum, and director Peter Hunt, this inside look features never-before-published script details and hundreds of rare, behind-the-scenes photographs.

Her Majesty S Secret Service

Author: Christopher M. Andrew
Editor: Viking Press
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The Best Bond Movie Ever Or Why On Her Majesty S Secret Service Is Far Better Than Its Reputation

Author: Nathalie Gerlach
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Seminar paper from the year 2010 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Culture and Applied Geography, grade: 1,3, University of Potsdam (Anglistik/Amerikanistik), course: James Bond: behind the scenes, language: English, abstract: In 1953 Ian Lancaster Fleming created a protagonist that should soon become one of the most important icons of its age. Inspired by the name of an ornithologist he called his main character “James Bond”, not knowing what gigantic ball he set rolling. Between 1953 and 1964 he authored twelve novels and three short stories reporting the adventures of the secret service agent James Bond. Up to today there have been 22 movies published, staring six actors as the MI6 Agent, each of which introduced his own interpretation of Bond. This paper will focus on the eleventh novel and sixth movie of the series: “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (OHMSS). Published in 1963 it took six years for the novel to be shown on the big cinema screens. Released on the 18th December 1969 it was the first Bond movie featuring a new leading actor. George Lazenby stepped into Connery’s shoes, which will turn out to be far too big, according to some critics.

On Her Majesty S Secret Service

Author: Ian Fleming
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'He was a man with years of dirty, dangerous memories – a spy.' James Bond has had enough. Enough of Service life, of fruitless manhunts, of taking orders. But Blofeld is back – older, leaner and more dangerous than ever, with a deadly secret at the heart of his luxury ski resort. Bond must rediscover his passion for what he does best, in Fleming’s eleventh 007 novel.

On Her Majesty S Secret Service

Author: Ian Fleming
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British Secret Service agent James Bond, a.k.a. 007, travels to Switzerland on the tail of Ernst Blofeld, the leader of the terrorist group SPECTRE. Bond finds Blofeld, but he also finds himself falling in love with Tracy di Vicenzo. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service gives readers a rare glimpse into the emotional side of the famous spy. James Bond is one of the most iconic characters in 20th-century literature. In addition to the 12 novels and 9 short stories written by Ian Fleming, there have been over 40 novels and short stories written about the spy by other authors, and 26 films produced, starring actors such as Sean Connery and Daniel Craig as 007. Random House Canada is proud to bring you classic works of literature in ebook form, with the highest quality production values. Find more today and rediscover books you never knew you loved.

At Her Majestys Secret Service

Author: Nigel West
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In August 1909, a kindly, balding, figure named Mansfield Smith-Cumming was summoned to London by Admiral Alexander Bethell, Director of Naval Intelligence. He was to assume the inaugural position of Chief – more famously known as ‘C – of what has become

On Her Majesty S Secret Service

Author: John Peel
Editor: Millefleurs
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Discusses the James Bond film in which George Lazenby replaced Sean Connery as the superspy, profiling lead characters and taking the reader behind the scenes.

Uncle John S Giant 10th Anniversary Bathroom Reader

Author: Bathroom Readers' Institute
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Our first all-new edition to top 500 pages, this was the Bathroom Reader that made the publishing world stand up and take notice—these guys are here to stay. Also appearing for the first time in Giant 10th Anniversary is our famous “Extended Sitting Section,” a series of extra-long articles for those truly leg-numbing experiences. There are also plenty of short and medium articles covering a whole host of topics, including little-known history, pop science, myth-conceptions, celebrity rumors, comedian quotes, and, of course, really dumb crooks. Read about… * The anatomy of laughter * Is your name your destiny? * The history of the electric guitar * What really happened at Roswell * The Politically Correct quiz * The secret of Nancy Drew * Legendary TV flops * Why you itch And much, much more!

You Only Live Twice

Author: Ian Fleming, Ian
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The story starts eight months after the murder of Tracy Bond, which occurred at the end of the previous novel, On Her Majesty's Secret Service. James Bond is drinking and gambling heavily and making mistakes on his assignments when, as a last resort, he is sent to Japan on a semi-diplomatic mission. Whilst there he is challenged by the Head of the Japanese Secret Service to kill Dr. Guntram Shatterhand. Bond realises that Shatterhand is Ernst Stavro Blofeld and sets out on a revenge mission to kill him and his wife, Irma Bunt. The novel deals on a personal level with the change in Bond from a depressed man in mourning, to a man of action bent on revenge, to an amnesiac living as a Japanese fisherman

Shooting 007

Author: Alec Mills
Editor: History PressLtd
ISBN: 9780750953634
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A veteran of seven Bond films reveals behind-the-scenes stories of the popular film series—with a foreword by Roger Moore, and many previously unpublished photos Beloved cameraman and director of photography Alec Mills, a veteran of seven James Bond movies, tells the inside story of his 20 years of filming cinema's most famous secret agent. Among many humorous and touching anecdotes, Mills reveals how he became an integral part of the Bond family as a young camera operator on 1969's On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, how he bore the brunt of his old friend Roger Moore's legendary on-set bantering, and how he rose to become the director of photography during Timothy Dalton's tenure as 007. Mills also looks back on a career that took in Return of the Jedi on film and The Saint on television with wit and affection, and this memoir contains many of his and Eon Productions' unpublished behind-the-scenes photographs compiled over a lifetime of filmmaking. Featuring many big names, this book will be a must-have for both the James Bond and film history aficionado.

Studies In Intelligence

Author: Center for the Study of Intelligence (U.S.)
Editor: Government Printing Office
ISBN: 9780160877285
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Professional journal for members of the intelligence community which contains unclassified articles and book reviews about intelligence work and intelligence history.

Studies In Intelligence

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Fan Phenomena James Bond

Author: Claire Hines
Editor: Intellect Books
ISBN: 1783207302
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Fan Phenomena: James Bond explores the devoted fanbase that has helped make Bond what he is, offering a serious but wholly accessible take on the many different ways that fans have approached, appreciated, and appropriated Bond over the sixty years of his existence from the pages of Ian Fleming’s novels to the screen. The book reveals a fan culture that is richly aware of the history and complexity of the character of Bond and what he represents.

On Her Majesty S Frightfully Secret Service

Author: Rhys Bowen
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0698410254
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Lady Georgiana Rannoch juggles secret missions from the Queen, her beau, and her mother in this mystery in the Royal Spyness series. When royal sleuth Georgie Rannoch receives a letter from her dearest friend Belinda, who's in an Italian villa awaiting the birth of her illegitimate baby, she yearns to run to her side. If only she could find a way to get there! But then opportunity presents itself in a most unexpected way—her cousin the queen asks her to attend a house party in the Italian Lake Country. The Prince of Wales and the dreadful Mrs. Simpson have been invited, and Her Majesty is anxious to thwart a possible secret wedding. What luck! A chance to see Belinda, even if it is under the guise of stopping unwanted nuptials. Only that's as far as Georgie's fortune takes her. She soon discovers that she attended finishing school with the hostess of the party—and the hatred they had for each other then has barely dimmed. Plus, she needs to hide Belinda's delicate condition from the other guests. And her dashing beau, Darcy's (naturally) working undercover on a dangerous mission. Then her actress mother shows up, with a not-so-little task to perform. With all this subterfuge, it seems something is bound to go horribly wrong—and Georgie will no doubt be left to pick up the pieces when it does.

The Music Of James Bond

Author: Jon Burlingame
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019986330X
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Chronicles all the behind-the-scenes stories of every song and score written for the James Bond films and draws from new interviews with many of the songwriters and composers.

Classic Movie Fight Scenes

Author: Gene Freese
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 1476629358
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Both brawls and elaborate martial arts have kept movie audiences on the edges of their seats since cinema began. But the filming of fight scenes has changed significantly through the years—mainly for the safety of the combatants—from improvised scuffles in the Silent Era to exquisitely choreographed and edited sequences involving actors, stuntmen and technical experts. Camera angles prevented many a broken nose. Examining more than 300 films—from The Spoilers (1914) to Road House (1989)—the author provides behind-the-scenes details on memorable melees starring such iconic tough-guys as John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Robert Mitchum, Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan.


Author: James Berardinelli
Editor: Justin, Charles & Co.
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The popular film critic offers full-length reviews of his choices for the best one thousand movies from the 1990s to today.


Author: Martin Rubin
Editor: Cambridge University Press
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An in-depth exploration of the 'thriller' movie genre.

Malaya S Secret Police 1945 60

Author: Leon Comber
Editor: Flipside Digital Content Company Inc.
ISBN: 9814515922
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The Malayan Emergency lasted from 1948 to 1960. During these tumultuous years, following so soon after the Japanese surrender at the end of the Second World War, the whole country was once more turned upside down and the lives of the people changed. The war against the Communist Party of MalayaA*s determined efforts to overthrow the Malayan government involved the whole population in one form or another. Dr Comber analyses the pivotal role of the Malayan PoliceA*s Special Branch, the governmentA*s supreme intelligence agency, in defeating the communist uprising and safeguarding the security of the country. He shows for the first time how the Special Branch was organised and how it worked in providing the security forces with political and operational intelligence. His book represents a major contribution to our understanding of the Emergency and will be of great interest to all students of Malay(si)aA*s recent history as well as counter-guerrilla operations. It can profitably be mined, too, to see what lessons can be learned for counterinsurgency operations in other parts of the world.

Under The Wire

Author: David Paull NICKLES
Editor: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674041550
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How did the telegraph, a new and revolutionary form of communication, affect diplomats, who tended to resist change? In a study based on impressive multinational research, David Paull Nickles examines the critical impact of the telegraph on the diplomacy of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Case studies in crisis diplomacy--the War of 1812, the Trent affair during the U.S. Civil War, and the famous 1917 Zimmermann telegram--introduce wide-ranging thematic discussions on the autonomy of diplomats; the effects of increased speed on decision making and public opinion; the neglected role of clerks in diplomacy; and the issues of expense, garbled text, espionage, and technophobia that initially made foreign ministries wary of telegraphy. Ultimately, the introduction of the telegraph contributed to the centralization of foreign ministries and the rising importance of signals intelligence. The faster pace of diplomatic disputes invited more emotional decisions by statesmen, while public opinion often exercised a belligerent influence on crises developing over a shorter time period. Under the Wire offers a fascinating new perspective on the culture of diplomacy and the social history of technology. Table of Contents: Introduction I. Control 1. The Anglo-American Crisis of 1812 2. Diplomatic Autonomy and Telecommunications II. Speed 3. The Trent Affair 4. Speed and Diplomacy 5. Diplomatic Time III. The Medium 6. The Zimmermann Telegram 7. Technical and Economic Factors Conclusion Abbreviations Notes Acknowledgments Index Reviews of this book: David Paull Nickles has plumbed the archives of four countries to determine just how transformative [the invention of the telegraph] really was. Under the Wire is a subtle and impressive examination of history. --Christian D. Brose, Wall Street Journal In this study of the impact of telegraphy on the management of international relations, the reader is rewarded time and again by finding original observations regarding familiar events. This is a book that can have a shaping effect not only on the field of international relations but on many others, since it compels one to think hard about how changes in technology affect behavior and thought among groups with deeply rooted traditions and beliefs. --Ernest R. May, Harvard University