The Cook Zen Wagashi Cookbook

Author: Machiko Chiba
ISBN: 9781891105623
File Size: 66,89 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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From Cherry Blossom Rice Cakes to Mochi Dusted with Green Soy-bean Flour, home cooks will be transported by the recipes in Machiko Chiba's latest cookbook devoted to Japanese sweets known as wagashi. Traditionally served as part of the tea ceremony, wagashi are finding a place in contemporary cuisines as light, beautifully crafted, elegant desserts. Now, with her easy-to-follow instructions and the patented Cook-Zen microwave pot, anyone can make wagashi in minutes.

Japanese Foodways Past And Present

Author: Stephanie Assmann
Editor: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252077520
File Size: 41,80 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"A pathbreaking volume on Japanese culinary history with great depth and scope."ùMerry Isaacs White, author of Perfectly Japanese: Making Families in an Era of Upheaval "Required reading for anyone interested in Japanese history, food, and foodways. I couldn't put this book down!"ùSamuel Hideo Yamashita, author of Leaves from an Autumn of Emergencies: Selections from the Wartime Diaries of Ordinary Japanese Spanning nearly six hundred years of Japanese food culture, Japanese Foodways, Past and Present considers the production, consumption, and circulation of Japanese foods from the mid-fifteenth century to the present day in contexts that are political, economic, cultural, social, and religious. Diverse contributorsùincluding anthropologists, historians, sociologists, a tea master, and a chefùaddress a range of issues such as medieval banquet cuisine, the tea ceremony, table manners, cookbooks in modern times, food during the U.S. occupation period, eating and dining out during wartimes, the role of heirloom vegetables in the revitalization of rural areas, children's lunches, and the gentrification of blue-collar foods. Framed by two reoccurring themesùfood in relation to place and food in relation to statusùthe collection considers the complicated relationships between the globalization of foodways and the integrity of national identity through eating habits. Focusing on the consumption of Western foods, heirloom foods, once-taboo foods, and contemporary Japanese cuisines, Japanese Foodways, Past and Present shows how Japanese concerns for and consumption of food have relevance and resonance with other foodways around the world. Contributors are Stephanie Assmann, Gary S÷ka Cadwallader, Katarzyna Cwiertka, Satomi Fukutomi, Shoko Higashiyotsuyanagi, Joseph R. Justice, Michael Kinski, Barak Kushner, Bridget Love, Joji Nozawa, Tomoko Onabe, Eric C. Rath, Akira Shimizu, George Solt, David E. Wells, and Miho Yasuhara. Eric C. Rath is an associate professor of history at the University of Kansas and the author of The Ethos of Noh: Actors and Their Art. Stephanie Assmann is a lecturer at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, and the author of Value Change and Social Stratification in Japan: Aspects of Women's Consumer Behaviour.

Japan Quarterly

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Dictionary Of Japanese Food

Author: Richard Hosking
Editor: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462903436
File Size: 65,29 MB
Format: PDF
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Nominated for the Glenfiddich Food Book of the Year Award, this timeless volume is the first and only book of its kind on the subject. A Dictionary of Japanese Food helps food lovers around the world decipher the intricacies and nuances of Japanese cooking and its ingredients. Definitions in ordinary cookbooks and standard dictionaries—such as akebia for akebi, sea cucumber for namako, plum for ume—can be inadequate, misleading, or just plain wrong. Richard Hoskings eliminates the mystery by ensuring that each entry in the Japanese-English section includes the Japanese term in Roman script; the term in kana or kanji or both; a Latin name where appropriate; an English definition; and, for most entries, a short annotation. The English-Japanese section defines important English food terms in Japanese and annotates those needing explanation. One hundred small line drawings make it easy for readers to identify everything from mitsuba to the okoze fish, and seventeen appendices address the most critical elements of Japanese cuisine, from the making of miso and the structure of the Japanese meal to the tea ceremony. Newly typeset and featuring a fascinating and informative new foreword by Japanese cookbook author Debra Samuel, A Dictionary of Japanese Food will continue to help both food lovers and visitors to Japan discover the wonders of one of the world's great cuisines.

Food And Fantasy In Early Modern Japan

Author: Eric Rath
Editor: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520262271
File Size: 19,72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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How did one dine with a shogun? Or make solid gold soup, sculpt with a fish, or turn seaweed into a symbol of happiness? In this fresh and fascinating look at Japanese culinary history, Eric C. Rath delves into the writings of medieval and early modern Japanese chefs to answer these and other provocative questions, and to trace the development of Japanese cuisine from 1400 to 1868. Rath shows how medieval "fantasy food" rituals--where food was revered as symbol rather than consumed--were continued by early modern writers, who created whimsical dishes and fanciful banquets and turned dining into a voyeuristic literary pleasure. Food and Fantasy in Early Modern Japan offers the first extensive introduction to Japanese cookbooks, recipe collections, and gastronomic writings of the period. It traces the origins of familiar dishes like tempura, sushi, and sashimi while documenting Japanese cooking styles and dining customs, and demonstrates that for early modern Japanese cuisine, the central ingredient was the imagination.

Tokyo Style Guide

Author: Jane Lawson
Editor: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1952535697
File Size: 75,14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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One of the most exhilarating and inspiring cities in the world, Tokyo is vast, complex and ever-changing, pulsating with youthful energy. Author Jane Lawson has been travelling to Japan for more than thirty years, and has led many group and private tours to various parts of the country. In Tokyo Style Guide she offers a unique insight into Japan's culture and aesthetic with her expert guided walks through 21 of the most intriguing and stylish Tokyo neighbourhoods and the best of what they have to offer. Jane shares information on how to get the most from your trip-what to see and how best to experience it. Tokyo Style Guide is packed with places where you can shop, relax, be inspired, eat and sleep, as well as practical tips to help you prepare for your trip, navigate the city with confidence and make the most of your visit.