Small Scale Subversion Mail Art Artistamps

Author: John Held Jr.
ISBN: 1329058054
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Although increasingly appreciated in fine art and stamp collecting circles, artist postage stamps, or artistamps, are more likely to be traded between the people who create them than they are to be exhibited in commercial art galleries or read about in philatelic journals. Artistamps are part and parcel of the grassroots network known as Mail Art, an alternative art of creative long-distance communication that intuited the demand for cross-cultural exchange long before the Internet. Although seemingly rigid, the postage stamp format allows flexible approaches in painting, watercolor, offset, photography, photocopy, rubber-stamping, engraving, digitization and sculpture.

Email And The Everyday

Author: Esther Milne
Editor: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262362767
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An exploration of how email is experienced, understood, and materially structured as a practice spanning our everyday domestic and work lives. Despite its many obituaries, email is not dead. As a global mode of business and personal communication, email outstrips newer technologies of online interaction; it is deeply embedded in our everyday lives. And yet--perhaps because the ubiquity of email has obscured its study--this is the first scholarly book devoted to email as a key historical, social, and commercial site of digital communication in our everyday lives. In Email and the Everyday, Esther Milne examines how email is experienced, understood, and materially structured as a practice spanning the domestic and institutional spaces of daily life.

Archiving Advanced Art

Author: John Held Jr.
ISBN: 1794825525
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Collaging Information: The Artist, the Librarian, the Artist/Librarian Several years after becoming a professional librarian in 1972, I became involved in Mail Art. This international network of cooperating artists has expanded my vision of both the world and the profession. Over the years, I have taken it upon myself to document various aspects of Mail Art, which would have remained unexamined without the involvement of someone both actively participating in the medium and in possession of professional research skills. In so doing, I have been able to integrate two important facets of my life.

Handbook Of Research On The Impact Of Fandom In Society And Consumerism

Author: Wang, Cheng Lu
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1799810496
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Fans of specific sports teams, television series, and video games, to name a few, often create subcultures in which to discuss and celebrate their loyalty and enthusiasm for a particular object or person. Due to their strong emotional attachments, members of these fandoms are often quick to voluntarily invest their time, money, and energy into a related product or brand, thereby creating a group of faithful and passionate consumers that play a significant role in multiple domains of contemporary culture. The Handbook of Research on the Impact of Fandom in Society and Consumerism is an essential reference source that examines the cultural and economic effects of the fandom phenomenon through a multidisciplinary lens and shapes an understanding of the impact of fandom on brand building. Featuring coverage on a wide range of topics such as religiosity, cosplay, and event marketing, this publication is ideally designed for marketers, managers, advertisers, brand managers, consumer behavior analysts, product developers, psychologists, entertainment managers, event coordinators, political scientists, anthropologists, academicians, researchers, and students seeking current studies on the global impact of this particularly devoted community.

Claudia Julia M Ller

Author: Madeleine Schuppli
ISBN: 9783856162214
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Nach dem erfolgreichen Buch Choucroute au Curry par hasard, das von Claudia & Julia Müller (geb. 1964/1965) illustriert wurde, erscheint jetzt zur Einzelausstellung des Kunstmuseums Thun der erste umfassende Katalog zum Schaffen des Künstlerduos. Die Publikation zeigt alle wichtigen Arbeiten und verankert sie mit Texten der Kuratoren Charles Esche (Edinburgh / Malmö), Madeleine Schuppli (Thun) und Eva Maria Stadler (Graz) im gegenwärtigen Kunstdiskurs. Einzelausstellung im Kunstmuseum Thun, 26.3 - 23.5.2004 und im Kunstverein Graz,(Ende 2004)