Glamorous Sacrifice

Author: Keva DeVelle Horry
ISBN: 9781935052326
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Radical Sacrifice

Author: Terry Eagleton
Editor: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300233353
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A trenchant analysis of sacrifice as the foundation of the modern, as well as the ancient, social order The modern conception of sacrifice is at once cast as a victory of self-discipline over desire and condescended to as destructive and archaic abnegation. But even in the Old Testament, the dual natures of sacrifice, embodying both ritual slaughter and moral rectitude, were at odds. In this analysis, Terry Eagleton makes a compelling argument that the idea of sacrifice has long been misunderstood. Pursuing the complex lineage of sacrifice in a lyrical discourse, Eagleton focuses on the Old and New Testaments, offering a virtuosic analysis of the crucifixion, while drawing together a host of philosophers, theologians, and texts--from Hegel, Nietzsche, and Derrida to the Aeneid and The Wings of the Dove. Brilliant meditations on death and eros, Shakespeare and St. Paul, irony and hybridity explore the meaning of sacrifice in modernity, casting off misperceptions of barbarity to reconnect the radical idea to politics and revolution.

Victorian Narratives Of Failed Emigration

Author: Tamara S Wagner
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317002164
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In her study of the unsuccessful nineteenth-century emigrant, Tamara S. Wagner argues that failed emigration and return drive nineteenth-century writing in English in unexpected, culturally revealing ways. Wagner highlights the hitherto unexplored subgenre of anti-emigration writing that emerged as an important counter-current to a pervasive emigration propaganda machine that was pressing popular fiction into its service. The exportation of characters at the end of a novel indisputably formed a convenient narrative solution that at once mirrored and exaggerated public policies about so-called 'superfluous' or 'redundant' parts of society. Yet the very convenience of such pat endings was increasingly called into question. New starts overseas might not be so easily realizable; emigration destinations failed to live up to the inflated promises of pro-emigration rhetoric; the 'unwanted' might make a surprising reappearance. Wagner juxtaposes representations of emigration in the works of Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Frances Trollope, and Charlotte Yonge with Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian settler fiction by Elizabeth Murray, Clara Cheeseman, and Susanna Moodie, offering a new literary history not just of nineteenth-century migration, but also of transoceanic exchanges and genre formation.

The Sacrifice Game

Author: Brian D'Amato
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101585501
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TO THE WORLD OF ANCIENT MAYA, AND FAR BEYOND… In the Courts of the Sun introduced Maya descendent Jed De Landa, a math prodigy with rare knowledge of an ancient divination tool called the Sacrifice Game. But now there are two Jeds—one existing at the height of the ancient Maya civilization in AD 664, and another in the present who—for an unusual but compelling reason—is about to bring about the destruction of humanity. And only one self can win the game… With illustrations by the author

Air And Sea Power In World War I

Author: Maryam Philpott
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 085773332X
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The Great War tore the fabric of Europe apart, killing over 35 million men and challenging the notion of heroism in war, Air and Sea Power in World War I focuses on the experience of World War I from the perspective of British pilots and sailors themselves, to demonstrate that the army-centric view of war studies has been too limited. The Royal Flying Corps, created in 1912, adapted quickly to the needs of modern warfare, driven by the enthusiasm of its men. In contrast, the lack of modernisation in the Royal Navy, despite the unveiling of HMS Dreadnought in 1906, undermined Britain's dominance of the seas. By considering five key aspects of the war experience, this book analyses how motivation was created and sustained. What training did men receive and how effectively did this prepare them for roles that were predominantly non-combative? How was motivation affected by their individual relationship with weaponry development, and how different was defensive service on the Home Front, when in close proximity to ordinary civilian life? Finally, Air and Sea Power in World War I looks at the changing reputation of the services during and after the conflict, and the extent to which these notions were created by the memoirs of pilots and sailors. Featuring new primary source material, including the journals of service men themselves, this book will be essential reading for students and scholars of World War I and of Naval, Aviation and Military History.

Dreams Of Speaking

Author: Gail Jones
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1448104912
File Size: 67,98 MB
Format: PDF
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Far away from home and her beloved but distant sister, Norah, Alice meets an old Japanese man on a train journey. Together they form an unlikely friendship at a crucial point in Alice's life where she is reflecting upon her family and her past, and disentangling herself from an old love affair. Alice is fascinated by the poetry of technology, and Mr Sakomoto, a survivor of the atomic bomb, entrances her with his amazing stories of twentieth-century inventions, including Alexander Graham Bell and the mysteries of the telephone. Drawn together by their shared enthusiasms, these two solitary beings slowly come to rely on one another. In Dreams of Speaking, prize-winning author Gail Jones paints with grace and skill the experience of needing to belong despite wanting to be alone.

Three Ring Circus

Author: Jeff Pearlman
Editor: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 1328530663
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The story of the Lakers dynasty from 1996 through 2004, when Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal combined—and collided—to help bring the Lakers three straight championships and restore the franchise as a powerhouse In the history of modern sport, there have never been two high-level teammates who loathed each other the way Shaquille O’Neal loathed Kobe Bryant, and Kobe Bryant loathed Shaquille O’Neal. From public sniping and sparring, to physical altercations and the repeated threats of trade, it was warfare. And yet, despite eight years of infighting and hostility, by turns mediated and encouraged by coach Phil Jackson, the Shaq-Kobe duo resulted in one of the greatest dynasties in NBA history. Together, the two led the Lakers to three straight championships and returned glory and excitement to Los Angeles. In the tradition of Jeff Pearlman’s bestsellers Showtime, Boys Will Be Boys, and The Bad Guys Won, Three-Ring Circus is a rollicking deep dive into one of sports’ most fraught yet successful pairings.

From Glamour To Glory

Author: Elaine Campanelli Santo
Editor: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1609574877
File Size: 42,24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Through many obstacles and her faith in God, a fatherless, underprivileged young girl lived out her dream by escaping the clutches of poverty and advancing herself to the Miss America Pageant. Elaine reveals her miraculous healing and continued trust in God's faithfulness through this life-altering account of His loving intervention and plan for her life.


Author: Max Kinnings
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1780871848
File Size: 25,47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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LONDON, CHRISTMAS MORNING. 09:13am. Disgraced hedge fund manager Graham Poynter hides shamefully in his Belgravia mansion. All that separates him from the media hounds baying for his blood are wrought iron railings and an elite security team. 10:16am. A masked intruder stands over Poynter and his terrified family, while the last remaining security guard hangs impaled on a railing spike outside the house - a message of intent beamed to the watching world. 10:38am. Surrounding the scene are police helicopters, special forces teams, and Ed Mallory - blind hostage negotiator - who must stop this faceless adversary whose sights are set on exacting twisted retribution.

Personal Construct Psychology In Clinical Practice

Author: David Winter
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134961456
File Size: 44,92 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Grief In Wartime

Author: C. Acton
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 0230801439
File Size: 80,75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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An examination of private narratives of loss in wartime and publicly legitimized forms of grieving. Drawing on sources such as diaries, poetry and weblogs and using gender as an analytic category, the book looks at men's and women's experiences of war 'at home' and 'at the front' and spans the two World Wars, the Vietnam War and the war in Iraq.

Evolution Sacrifice And Narrative

Author: Carol Colatrella
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317230906
File Size: 29,94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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First published in 1990. Balzac, Zola and Faulkner all drew upon the principles of evolutionary theory to represent man’s place in nature and his struggle for survival in their major series La Comèdie humaine, Rougon-Macquart and the Yoknapatawpha fiction. This book focuses on the ‘first’ novels in each author’s series (La Père Goriot, La Fortune des Rougon and Flags in the Dust) and considers how each novel relates to its series and derives a definition of the naturalistic roman-fleuve. To describe this development, the issues of how a scientific idea becomes refracted in a literary genre and how the naturalistic novel developed out of the realistic novel are considered.

A Toast To Love And Sacrifice

Author: Andrea Rachiele
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781418435424
File Size: 37,24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The book comprises three tales written in "classical" verse (i.e., strict rhythms and rhyme.) Although in the form of fairy tales and fables, they deal with important social and historic issues. "A Tale of Dancing Chair" decries racial discrimination and expounds the idea that, regardless of outside help, success comes to those who don't shy away from hard work, are willing and able to use creative potential to the fullest, and stand up to bigotry, injustice, and unfair judgement. "A Tale of Captive Puffins . . ." reflects upon events in the history of Russian/Soviet Jewry in the twentieth Century. To recognize historic prototypes of the fable's characters, one should read up on history of Tsarist Russia and Soviet Union, Weimar and Nazi Germany. However, it is not a prerequisite: the Tale is intended to trigger reader's interest in those chapters of history. "A Tale of Boy Nightingale . . . " is intended to make dents in prejudices against unconventional" (gay and lesbian) families. It proclaims love, respect, and loyalty as traits identifying and holding together families, asserts that friendship between children from different families is greatest hope and strongest weapon in the struggle against prejudices still prevalent in society.

Theatres Of Human Sacrifice

Author: Mark Pizzato
Editor: SUNY Press
ISBN: 0791484238
File Size: 28,85 MB
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Provides insight into the ritual lures and effects of mass media spectatorship, especially regarding the pleasures, risks, and purposes of violent display. Contemporary debates about mass media violence tend to ignore the long history of staged violence in the theatres and rituals of many cultures. In Theatres of Human Sacrifice, Mark Pizzato relates the appeal and possible effects of screen violence todayin sports, movies, and television newsto specific sacrificial rites and performance conventions in ancient Greek, Aztec, and Roman culture. Using the psychoanalytic theories of Lacan, Kristeva, and Zðizûek, as well as the theatrical theories of Artaud and Brecht, the book offers insights into the ritual lures and effects of current mass media spectatorship, especially regarding the pleasures, purposes, and risks of violent display. Updating Aristotle’s notion of catharsis, Pizzato identifies a sacrificial imperative within the human mind, structured by various patriarchal cultures and manifested in distinctive rites and dramas, with both positive and negative potential effects on their audiences. Mark Pizzato is Associate Professor of Theatre at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and the author of Edges of Loss: From Modern Drama to Postmodern Theory.

The Astrological Neptune And The Quest For Redemption

Author: Liz Greene
Editor: Weiser Books
ISBN: 1609253841
File Size: 76,38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The longing for redemption is a many-headed daimon that dwells within the most earthbound and prosaic of souls. Neptune is the astrological symbol that describes this energy. Liz Greene, an internationally known astrologer, has given us the most complete and accessible book about Neptune ever written! She explores Neptune themes in literature, myth, politics, religion, fashion, and art to show how this energy manifests.

The Law Of Sacrifice

Author: John C. Maxwell
Editor: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1400275776
File Size: 78,93 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 5624

He was one of the nation's most vocal critics on government interference in business. So why did Lee Iacocca go before Congress with his hat in his hand for loan guarantees? He did it because he understood the Law of Sacrifice.

From Sin To Sacrifice

Author: Robyn Flint
Editor: WestBow Press
ISBN: 197366609X
File Size: 59,97 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 9220

Author Robyn Flint recounts her life-altering journey through love, teenage pregnancy, and having to make the choice that would impact the rest of her life. Relationships torn and some were lost, yet some she didn’t know she needed were forming. From Sin to Sacrifice is proof that through the storm, there is always light and a love more precious than life itself waiting to guide the way.

Martyr As Bridegroom

Author: I. D. Gaur
Editor: Anthem Press
ISBN: 1843313480
File Size: 51,13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 255

Bhagat Singh, 1907-1931, Indian revolutionary and freedom fighter.


Author: Isadora Brown
Editor: Isadora Brown
File Size: 29,24 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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What do you risk when you have nothing to lose? Nothing, apparently, given that Keirah has no qualms showing up at Andie's doorstep, asking Jack if she can borrow his resources in order to find Noir. If that's all Andie has to worry about, she could handle her sister. But it's not. Jack's new business partner and former flame is interested in investing in Andie's animal shelter, yet insists on Jack's presence during their meetings. On top of that, her closest friend Reese shares a secret that all but blindsides her. And then there's Lucas Burr, Onyx City's persistent DA, who wants nothing more than the city's incorruptible vigilante, Black Wing, rotting in a prison somewhere at the very least, and will do anything to get what he wants - including using Andie as bait. In this thrilling conclusion of The Dark Paradise trilogy, the war between angels and demons is in full swing. Will Andie survive or will she be just another faceless casualty? Download your copy TODAY to find out!


Author: Narrelle M Harris
Editor: Clan Destine Press
ISBN: 0648293769
File Size: 16,52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Duo Ex Machina has a new album on the verge of storming the 2004 charts. Frank and Milo's promotion tour in Melbourne is hijacked by a serial killer stalking gay men - one of them an old friend from Milo's past. Juggling their heavy PR schedule with Milo's hometown return and this sudden loss is bad enough. Finding out who the killer is - and his chosen final victim - will be so much worse. Originally published by Homosapien Press in 2004, Fly By Night and its companion novella, Sacrifice, were nominated for a Ned Kelly Award for Best First Crime Novel in 2004.