Super Rabbit All Stars A Branches Book Press Start 8

Author: Thomas Flintham
Editor: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 1338239864
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Super Rabbit Boy is competing in the All-Star Games Tournament!

Young Gifted Black The Story Of Trojan Records

Author: Michael de Koningh
Editor: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 1787591042
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Format: PDF
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When it was formed, Trojan Records epitomised the punk DIY ethic over a decade before 1976. With a blizzard of individual labels and a marketing strategy that involved selling product out of the backs of vans, the company spearheaded the injection of reggae and ska into the vein of British youth consciousness. In its first brief six-year incarnation, Trojan produced nearly 30 hit singles, created the legendary compilation series Tighten Up and launched new acts like Jimmy Cliff, Desmond Dekker, Ken Boothe, The Pioneers, Bob And Marcia, Greyhound and Dave And Ansell Collins, all against a background of cut-throat politics, cultural division and prejudice. Featuring a comprehensive discography, Young, Gifted And Black is the official story of Trojan Records, lifting the lid on the scheming, backbiting and sheer seat-of-the-pants inspiration that made the label such a powerful force for black UK music.

Thumperino Superbunny And The Christmas Star Caper

Author: Amber L. Spradlin
ISBN: 1300198583
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Format: PDF
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Thumperino Superbunny and the Christmas Star Caper is the second book in a series chronicling the adventures of a house rabbit blessed with super-powers and a duty to make the world a better place. In this tale, Thumperino discovers that the star has been stolen from atop the tree in Christmas Tree Plaza. The holiday will be ruined for millions of children if the star isn't found in time for Christmas. He sets out on a mission to return this pinnacle of Christmas joy to New York City. Along the way, he uncovers a vile plot, rescues his fellow rabbits from an evil villain, and wins the trust of a special new friend. Most importantly, he learns a valuable lesson about overcoming physical challenges and stumbles upon strange new information about the source of his own super-powers.

Why Do I See A Bunny On The Moon

Author: Om Books Editorial Team
Editor: Om Books International
ISBN: 9385273345
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Format: PDF, Kindle
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WHY? Get answers to all the questions you have about Solar system!

Light Of The Stars Alien Worlds And The Fate Of The Earth

Author: Adam Frank
Editor: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393609022
File Size: 41,48 MB
Format: PDF
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Winner of the 2019 Phi Beta Kappa Award for Science "A valuable perspective on the most important problem of our time." —Adam Becker, NPR Light of the Stars tells the story of humanity’s coming of age as we realize we might not be alone in this universe. Astrophysicist Adam Frank traces the question of alien life from the ancient Greeks to modern thinkers, and he demonstrates that recognizing the possibility of its existence might be the key to save us from climate change. With clarity and conviction, Light of the Stars asks the consequential question: What can the likely presence of life on other planets tell us about our own fate?

Malcolm Under The Stars

Author: W.H. Beck
Editor: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544553713
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The classroom rat from Malcolm at Midnight returns to race through “the twists and turns of a fast-paced roller coaster of a plot” (Kirkus Reviews). Now that Snip the cat is gone (but hardly forgotten), the classroom animals of the Midnight Academy are ready for things to get back to normal at the McKenna School. After all, protecting nutters (students) and lankies (teachers) is an around-the-clock job! When a rare coin and a strange code are uncovered in the school, Malcolm and the Academy have another mystery on their paws. To find answers, Malcolm ventures into the dangerous outside world full of shady characters, new friends, and old enemies. Can Malcolm solve the mystery and save the school before it’s too late? Join Malcolm and company as they take on their most challenging assignment yet. Illustrated with black-and-white line drawings by Brian Lies, author and illustrator of the New York Times bestsellers Bats at the Beach, Bats at the Library, and Bats at the Ballgame, this engaging novel will have readers rooting for Malcolm as they try to solve the mystery alongside him. “Twists and turns abound, including a forgotten time capsule, buried treasure, secret codes, and hidden identities . . . For middle grade readers who enjoy animal adventure tales.” —School Library Journal “Lies’ naturalistic illustrations enhance the general air of realism in a tale featuring unusually rich thematic underpinnings and a small protagonist with both ‘hero brain’ and ‘hero heart.’” —Booklist

Silent Film Stars On The Stages Of Seattle

Author: Eric L. Flom
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 0786439084
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Format: PDF, Kindle
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"This book chronicles the Seattle stage engagements of over 30 silent film personalities, the majority of whom played the city prior to their major motion picture debuts. Three appendices provide a list of Seattle engagements, a list of Clara Kimball Youn

Moonpies And Movie Stars

Author: Amy Wallen
ISBN: 9780786294374
File Size: 53,33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Setting out in a Winnebago after seeing her runaway daughter in a television commercial, Ruby Kincaid engages in a road trip from the dusty flats of Texas to the glitter of Hollywood, accompanied by two friends and a pair of unruly grandchildren.

Bugs Bunny

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The Stars My Destination

Author: Alfred Bester
Editor: ibooks
ISBN: 1876963468
File Size: 47,91 MB
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#5 in the Millennium SF Masterworks series, a library of the finest science fiction ever written. “Science fiction has only produced a few works of actual genius, and this is one of them.” —Joe Haldeman #5 in the Millennium SF Masterworks series, a library of the finest science fiction ever written. “Science fiction has only produced a few works of actual genius, and this is one of them.” —Joe Haldeman "Bester at the peak of his powers is, quite simply, unbeatable” —James Lovegrove Marooned in outer space after an attack on his ship, Nomad, Gulliver Foyle lives to obsessively pursue the crew of a rescue vessel that had intended to leave him to die. When it comes to pop culture, Alfred Bester (1913-1987) is something of an unsung hero. He wrote radio scripts, screenplays, and comic books (in which capacity he created the original Green Lantern Oath). But Bester is best known for his science-fiction novels, and The Stars My Destination may be his finest creation. With its sly potshotting at corporate skullduggery, The Stars My Destination seems utterly contemporary, and has maintained its status as an underground classic for fifty years. (Bester fans should also note that iBooks has reprinted ReDemolished, which won the very first Hugo Award in 1953.)


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Endlessness Of The Stars

Author: Dale Boynton
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1475991320
File Size: 53,34 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In a rural farming town in Saskatchewan, two teenagers have been engaged in a dance of flirtation for quite some time. Michelle, a ninth grader, is the epitome of the girl next door. Landon, a senior, is an all-around good guy who also happens to be a star athlete. But just as their relationship moves to the next step, Landon is killed in a tragic car crash. As the families and community attempt to deal with the loss of Landon, Michelle seeks solace with a group of her friends. While sharing memories, the teenagers search for answers as to why their seemingly perfect world has suddenly been turned upside down. As Michelle quietly listens to their stories, she wonders how she will ever live without Landon, her protector and friend. Every place she visits and everything she touches reminds her of good times. As she courageously attempts to work through her grief, Landon’s family embarks on their own journey through heartache, all while wondering how they too will ever go on. Endlessness of the Stars is the poignant story of love, loss and hope as a community is forever altered after one of their own is taken from them forever.

Peer Play And Relationships In Early Childhood

Author: Avis Ridgway
Editor: Springer Nature
ISBN: 303042331X
File Size: 70,73 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book offers a rich collection of international research narratives that reveal the qualities and value of peer play. It presents new understandings of peer play and relationships in chapters drawn from richly varied contexts that involve sibling play, collaborative peer play, and joint play with adults. The book explores social strategies such as cooperation, negotiation, playing with rules, expressing empathy, and sharing imaginary emotional peer play experiences. Its reconceptualization of peer play and relationships promotes new thinking on children's development in contemporary worlds. It shows how new knowledge generated about young children's play with peers illuminates how they learn and develop within and across communities, families, and educational settings in diverse cultural contexts. The book addresses issues that are relevant for parents, early years' professionals and academics, including the role of play in learning at school, the role of adults in self-initiated play, and the long-term impact of early friendships. The book makes clear how recent cultural differences involve digital, engineering and imaginary peer play. The book follows a clear line of argument highlighting the importance of play-based learning and stress the importance of further knowledge of children's interaction in their context. This book aims to highlight the narration of peer play, mostly leaning on a sociocultural theoretical perspective, where many chapters have a cultural-historical theoretical frame and highlight children's social situation of development. Polly Björk-Willén, Linköping University, Sweden

Unfamiliar Legends Of The Stars

Author: Kate Camp
Editor: Victoria University Press
ISBN: 9780864733498
File Size: 51,68 MB
Format: PDF
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The first published collection of poetry by a Wellington poet. Forty three poems are included, in three sections. Their themes are often personal, within wider social and political contexts. Camp's poems have been published in 'Sport', 'Landfall', and other magazines.

Sky S Surprise Lucky Bunnies 1

Author: Catherine Coe
Editor: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 1338592483
File Size: 51,23 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Everybunny knows that a little bit of luck can turn an ordinary day into an adventure! Welcome to Bright Burrow, home to the six hoppiest, floppiest, pluckiest, luckiest bunnies around.

Moda All Stars All In A Row

Author: Lissa Alexander
Editor: Martingale
ISBN: 1604687304
File Size: 16,72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Discover the mix-and-match possibilities for fabulous quilts with row patterns by your favorite Moda designers, including Lissa Alexander of Moda Lissa, Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles Quilters, Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms, Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts, Pat Sloan, and many more. 24 row designs in three appealing categories: Classic Patchwork (tried-and-true favorites), Well Seasoned (fresh quilts for every season), and A Bit of Whimsy (playful, carefree designs) Perfect for a row-robin quilt-along with your friends, the rows can be put together in many different combinations Includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations, plus a quilt gallery that provides inspiration for various combinations and using stand-alone rows

Mostly About Nibble The Bunny The 9 Adventures Of A Lost And Lonely Bunny

Author: JOhn Breck
Editor: Abela Publishing Ltd
File Size: 47,90 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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MOSTLY ABOUT NIBBLE THE BUNNY is a story about a small bunny who loses his mother in the middle of a cold and dark winter. All alone, he is left to fend for himself. What follows is a series of 9 adventures for a very small bunny. Along the way he meets and makes friends but also comes across those who say they want to be his friend, but really have no intention of showing Nibble friendship at all. In this book you will find the 9 adventures of this small bunny through the wintry forest. The 9 adventures are: I. A Very Small Bunny Has a Very Big Adventure II. Nibble Rabbit Learns His Fortune III. Nibble Rabbit to the Rescue! IV. What Happens When Folks Lose Their Tempers V. Nibble Rabbit’s Storm Party VI. The Little Bunny Meets the Little Boy VII. Why the Cow Got Her Horns VIII. Nibble Fools Ouphe in His Own Haystack IX. Nibble Digs into Trouble—and Slips Out 10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities. ================= KEYWORDS/TAGS: Nibble the bunny, rabbit, lost, alone, dark, cold, forest, forest animals, folklore, fairy tales, myths, legends, fables, Small Bunny, Big Adventure, Nibble Rabbit, Learn, Fortune, to the Rescue, Folks, Lose, Temper, Storm Party, Meet, Little Boy, Cow, Horns, Ouphe, Haystack, Dig, Trouble, Slip Out, Bat, humans, Weasel, Silvertip, Fox, Hooter, Owl, Clover Patch, Brush Pile, Broad Field, Prickly Ash, Bobby Robin, Glider, Blacksnake, scary,

Bunny Will Not Jump

Author: Jason Tharp
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1534483047
File Size: 36,82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 4049

From the endless imagination of Jason Tharp comes a hilarious and interactive Level 1 Ready-to-Read that’s perfect for fans of Mo Willems and Jim Benton and for beginning readers who like to giggle! Bunny will not jump. He usually loves jumping! But when he sees how high his friend Big can jump, Bunny does not want to jump anymore. Big just wants Bunny to do what he loves in his own way. He needs your help—by following interactive prompts in the story—to make it happen! With appealing comic-inspired speech bubbles and interactive storytelling that prompts kids to do everything from pressing an illustrated button to flipping a page back and forth like a flip-book to make Bunny jump, beginning readers will laugh their way through this Level 1 Ready-to-Read from the author of Bunny Will Not Smile!, Bunny Will Not Be Quiet, and Kiwi Cannot Reach.

Some Bunny Loves Me Moon And Stars

Author: Pretty Journals
Editor: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781793221223
File Size: 38,35 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 8644

'Some Bunny Loves Me Moon Stars ' Journal / notebook / diary with a beautiful rabbit sitting on the moon illustration on the cover. It has a nice and unique color glossy cover.6" x 9" so a convenient sized book- large enough to write in but small enough to fit in most bags.120 blank lined pages ideal for all your notes and writings.Smooth white paper: perfect for ink, gel pens, pencils or colored pencils Perfect for personal, school and office use.Lovely gift for anyone who likes rabbits or just for anyone who likes a nice cover design.Another quality journal from Pretty Journals. The pages are ready and ready to be filled!

Stories From Princess Star

Author: Lee-Michael D'Souza
ISBN: 1393473334
File Size: 21,92 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 4262

In a not too distant future, animals walk the Earth and work hand-in-hand with us humans on interplanetary ventures. There exists harmony and good-will amongst all the sentient species, but despite this, the Earth and its colonies still suffer from technology, politics, war and wealth. With radically different governments across known space, and with greater powers lurking behind the scenes, civilisation as we know it is being redesigned. Join each animal in their story as their world's machinations and intricacies unravel before their very eyes. This short novel will spark your intrigue as you delve into a radical future world, somewhat similar, but critically different, from our own Earth today.