Awesome Fortnite Trivia

Author: Chad R. Noris
Editor: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781795385589
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How Much Do You Know About Fortnite? Dive into the fascinating world and fun of Fortnite Battle Royale with new gamers, old gamers, people who play the game, and people who have only heard about it-beginning with the story of Epic Games and the development of Fortnite, followed by the dramatic impact on gaming history that the studio has had. Entertain yourself with interesting lists on aspects of the game. Learn about the world of streaming and the legacy Fortnite is creating in the world at large. All of this and more are within the pages of this book! Fortnite has come to define gaming in 2018-dominating Twitch, YouTube, news media, and the minds of several million active and loyal fans worldwide. It seemed like wherever one looked, there was something related to Fortnite. With its charming looks, fun game modes, and addictive gameplay, it is no wonder that Fortnite became so popular. Fortnite was the most played video game of all in 2018, and there were several strong contenders. In fact, if you're reading this book, there's a very high likelihood that you yourself are a fan of the game. This book is a celebration of all things Fortnite-from the developers and the events that led to Fortnite's creation to the game itself and to the people who play the game. All of this and much more awaits within the pages of this book. In this book, you will find interesting trivia about Easter Eggs Removed Contents Best Guns Dances Rare Skins And Much More! Start Your Building Your Fortnite Journey By Clicking On The "BUY NOW" Button!

Fortnite Official The Ultimate Trivia Book

Author: Epic Games
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 031628615X
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Are you a true Fortnite expert? Find out in this official Epic Games trivia book, featuring the authentic Fortnite holographic seal. Packed with hundreds of quiz questions in five different levels of difficulty, this official trivia book from Epic Games is jam-packed with Battle Royale brainteasers to test your Fortnite expertise. Whether you're new to the game or an old hand, these questions will level up your knowledge and provide hours of fun. Are you up for the challenge? Your trivia test starts here!

Video Games Are Awesome

Author: Isaac Whitby
File Size: 48,54 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Unlimited Socially Distanced FunAre you a Tetris tyrant?Or a Mario maniac?Or a Call of Duty connoisseur?Or a Fortnite fan?Or a PacMan purist?Or a Doom Demon?Whichever video game you're a hardcore fan of, this trivia quiz book will give you all you ever wanted: a chance to test your knowledge of the most popular video games of all time.We sit at a very interesting point in history. After a year when every member of the human race was more or less confined to one spot, video game sales spiked to an all time high - whether you are a console player or a PC gamer or a mobile player, odds are that you have contributed to the huge boom in the video game market.With an expansion in the market has come a fresh influx of AAA titles - of games that take player engagement and world immersion to new, and unprecedented, heights. One only has to compare the open world beauty of Breath of the Wild to the original The Legend of Zelda to marvel at the incredible leaps that a format of art can take over the course of three short decades. Game studios pump out works of astonishing creativity in a few years each, and we have to respect their hard work and genre-bending mindset. Interactive movies are no longer something that we can hope for in the distant future: they're right here, and we call them video games!The benefits of video games are also beginning to be understood by a broad cross section of society. From their use in training (for example, in pilot simulators) to their use in experiential industries (the VR tech used in tourism was largely developed by and for gamers), video games are at the cutting edge of technology, and its interactions with humans and societies. No longer are they seen as time sinks: in addition to the benefits listed above, platforms like Twitch have made streaming a legitimate revenue stream, and created millionaires out of people who are able to share their therapeutic gameplay with a large audience across the world.This is a trivia contest with a difference: to do well, you will need to be a video game fan (casual and devoted fans are both welcome, since the level of difficulty slopes upwards gently), and you will need to have an alert brain, that is able to bring together many different pieces of information, and process all of them to come up with an overall coherent message.You can attempt the video game based puzzles in this book at your own pace. There are 5 hints for each question (in addition to the main clue about the game's name or title), so you will have all the information you need to guess each title. Even if you can't, the wealth of information in the hints (and the answers provided at the end of the book), will ensure that you leave each clue with more knowledge than when you came in; your brain will definitely be expanded, even as your fingers each to be reunited with your controller again, so that you can experience the games that filled your youth with hours of innocent fun.I have tried to include as many different game platforms as possible. From the Nintendo 64 to the PlayStation 4, from the original XBox to PC exclusive games, everything is represented!I am sure that you will have tons of fun with this book, and that you will do really well, as you prove that you are the ultimate fan of the most engaging works of art that our civilization has created in the past century.Let us play!