Ageless Pilates

Author: Christine Binnendyk
ISBN: 9780982317006
File Size: 52,83 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 4149

Master Pilates trainer Christine Binnendyk shows over-40-year-olds how to slow down the aging process - and jettison pain patterns - with this safe, simplified, and fully illustrated approach to Pilates. In just 15 minutes a day, with no equipment at all, the Ageless Pilates system retrains the body past pain and discomfort, regardless of age or current condition. Binnendyk has revolutionized the practice of Pilates with an easy-to-learn ABC system that creates youthful energy and mobility starting with the very first lesson. The ABCs - Anchor Points, Body Geometry and Comfort Choices - quickly become intuitive, allowing the system to carry from the exercise mat into everyday life. Anchor Points provide stability and safety for every position and movement. Body Geometry creates an efficient structure that works just the right amount to get results, but not so much that it causes undue wear and tear. Comfort Options offer the flexibility to fine tune every exercise based on how the body feels right in this moment. When combined, these concepts transform body mechanics and movement patterns creating a body that is strong and limber, comfortable and pain-free. Bodies of all ages respond with new comfortable posture, loose and easy movement patterns, and a renewed sense of energy. Each of the 23 Lessons features options that make the exercises accessible to all levels, increasing confidence, strength and flexibility. Master these in 15-minutes a day, then move on to the 18 Workouts for ongoing practice and continued improvement. Whether you're simply looking for a sleek, ageless body, or you're working with an ailment like low-back pain, arthritis, low bone density or diminished mobility, you'll find lessons and workouts designed specifically for you.

The Five Principles Of Ageless Living

Author: Dayle Haddon
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439117950
File Size: 42,85 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 1675

"Using the Ageless Living Principles in my own life, I have the feeling that everything is right. I have a sense of completeness and happiness. I am filled with enthusiasm, understanding, balance, joy, and playfulness....When I practice the Ageless Living Principles, I have the experience that I am living life, rather than life is living me. Why should we ever think that we have to settle for less?" Dayle Haddon wants women over forty to know that age is an asset and not, as we are so often told, a liability. She wants us to realize that we are vital, strong, and beautiful, and she wants us to do that through The Five Principles of Ageless Living. A positive and spirited program for women age forty and over, The Five Principles of Ageless Living offers inspiring and practical solutions in the related areas of beauty, wellness, spirit, wisdom, and community. Based on Dayle's professional knowledge and her own self-care practices, the Ageless Living Principles provide unique and practical ways for women to enhance the many dimensions of their lives. As women over forty today, we are privileged to be at a different point in our lives than the generations that came before us. We've never been in a better place or at a better time to choose for ourselves, to make positive changes in our lives. Today, more than ever, we have the ability to live our true lives. All we need is know-how: the tools to get there and the energy to use them. A guide to the infinite possibilities in each of us, the Ageless Living Principles help us realize that we don't have to settle.

Naturally Thin Or Disciplined

Author: Sally Shields
Editor: Blooming Twig Books
ISBN: 1933918969
File Size: 67,69 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 8714

Do you struggle with your weight? Are you the mom who perhaps gained some after kids and is having a hard time taking it off? Or perchance, one who looks at the super-slim and wonders to herself if those women are naturally thin, or very controlled about their diet and exercise routines? Sally Shields set out to uncover some answers as to offer inspiration to those in need of a strategy. Inside this book you will find many insider secrets to shedding those unwanted pounds once and for all, so that you can be healthy, feel fabulous, and get back into your jeans again!Each candidly sharing their personal story, these 101 contributors range from women who were born with the coveted thin gene to those who struggled to learn exactly what it takes to maintain their slim figures, Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined? shows us that it is possible to look and feel great, no matter what your age, size or body-type!

The Ageless Life

Author: Reggie Clements
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1984579835
File Size: 64,40 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 5567

In, The Ageless Life, master trainer Reggie Clements will provide the why and how you age. You will not only be given the knowledge to support your journey, but you will be provided an organized functional system for you to follow. He has organized multiple concepts and simplified them in a way to where you can measure and see the results of your actions. Reggie has taken this journey himself and you will get a chance to follow his thoughts, and a look at the knowledge he applied. His guidance is clear and simple and will awaken you to your ability to control how you age. You will feel as though a close friend of yours is speaking to you. This book teaches you in a very clear direct line the knowledge to shorten the distance between normal aging and aging with the highest quality of life possible. He will hold your hand and walk you through this maze until you become a believer. Your life will be forever changed because, The Ageless Life will make you think, feel, and act differently.

Ageless Beauty

Author: Dayle Haddon
Editor: Hyperion
ISBN: 9780786864454
File Size: 11,63 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 1609

From Dayle Haddon, whose face has appeared on countless magazine covers, and who is the spokeswoman for L'Oreal's Plenitude line of skin care products, comes a one-of-a-kind beauty book aimed at helping women who are over 40 realize that their age is an asset, not a liability. 100 color photos.

Ageless Beauty

Author: Clemence von Mueffling
Editor: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0718188551
File Size: 59,58 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 2722

Discover the best-kept beauty secrets from three generations of editors and experts at Vogue Paris . . . ------------- Your guide to French beauty lets you in on . . . · Essential advice on how to make simple changes to your beauty habits, from the correct way to wash your hair to the vital items no make-up bag should be without. · How to give your skin a healthy glow in just a few simple steps. · Advice for women of all ages, Jeunesse, Plenitude and Maturite, to ensure energy, confidence and happiness. · Which self-tanners to use and how to apply for a beautiful, healthy, summer tan. · The four pillars of French wellness: food, posture, exercise and movement you need and dormez-vous. · And much more . . . Clémence Von Mueffling draws on her family's wisdom and passion to show how you can achieve effortless French beauty at any age. Filled with tips, intimate anecdotes and expert interviews, Ageless Beauty is sure to become every woman's definitive beauty guide. ------------- 'A delicious dose of effortless chic, timeless glamour, priceless beauty secrets, self-care and self-confidence' Sarah Brown, former Beauty Director, Vogue 'This book is a magical guide, with expert advice in three categories so women of all ages will feel it is specifically tailored to them' Aerin Lauder, Style and Image Director of Estee Lauder

Becoming Ageless

Author: Strauss Zelnick
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1940358191
File Size: 72,81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 1537

Four secrets to looking and feeling younger than ever. Becoming Ageless presents a three-month, detailed diet and exercise plan to create a leaner, more muscular and happier you. Developed by business mogul and fitness buff Strauss Zelnick--founder of the private equity firm Zelnick Media Capital and president and CEO of Take-Two Interactive, the company behind blockbuster video games such as Grand Theft Auto and NBA2K-- the strategies contained in Becoming Ageless are the same tactics that allowed Zelnick to evolve from a skinny, out-of-shape business executive (a workaholic wunderkind who headed the film studio 20th Century Fox in his early 30s) to one of the world's fittest and most physically active executives who reached his best-ever shape in his late 50s! "If you believe my fitness buddies," Zelnick writes, "I have a body that's aging in reverse...And Becoming Ageless is filled with the amazing tips and unique principles you'd find if you trained with me."

Ageless Vegan

Author: Tracye McQuirter
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0738220213
File Size: 29,60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 1921

Harness the healing power of plant-based foods for vibrant health and longevity Vegan lifestyle expert Tracye McQuirter teams up with her mother Mary to share their secrets for maintaining radiant health for more than 30 years (hint: it's all in the greens), and 100 of their favorite plant-based recipes that have kept them looking and feeling ageless. They break down the basics of nutrition, how to build a vegan pantry, and how to make sure you're getting the best nutrients to promote longevity and prevent chronic disease. They also provide a 14-step guide with practical, easy-to-follow advice on how to transition to vegan foods, jumpstart your healthy eating habits, and how to up your game if you're already a vegan. Their 100 fresh, simple, and flavorful recipes are based on everyday whole food ingredients, including Maple French Toast with Strawberries, Thai Coconut Curry Soup, Cajun Quinoa with Okra and Tomato, Vegetable Pot Pie, Citrusy Dandelion Greens Salad, and Perfect Pecan Pie. Illustrated with beautiful, full-color photographs, Ageless Vegan helps you kiss diet-related disease and fatigue goodbye and gives you the information, inspiration, and affirmation you need to live a long, glowing, and healthy life you love.

Ageless Brain

Author: Editors Of Prevention Magazine
Editor: Rodale Books
ISBN: 1623369878
File Size: 52,66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 1250

Breakthrough research has revealed that through living a brain-healthy lifestyle, we can reduce our “brain age” to improve memory, hone sharpness, and reduce health risks as we age. It’s normal for the brain to short-circuit every now and then—you put your keys in the fridge, or can’t find the pair of glasses on top of your head. But what if there was a way to eat, exercise, and live that could eliminate these “senior moments?” Ageless Brain offers a plan to sharpen your memories and mind so that at 40, you have the quick, agile brain you had at 30. Based on groundbreaking scientific research, this plan is filled with brain-healthy foods, exercises, and little ways you can positively impact your most vital organ every day by de-stressing, adjusting your attitude, and constantly interacting with the world through play. Scientists have discovered that the human brain continually generates new neurons—forging new pathways and connections in our minds—well into old age, as long as we pursue brain-healthy lifestyles from what we eat and how much we sleep, to how we exercise and handle stress. Exercising and nourishing our brains just like we do any other ailing organ encourages this growth—improving not only our mental fitness but also our physical fitness as a side effect. With Ageless Brain, you will: · Discover the 10 Commandments of an ageless brain · Reduce key risk-factors for Alzheimer’s · Identify and avoid brain poisons lurking in food, medicines, and home · Learn to play and engage your brain more in everyday life · Drop unsafe levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar—as well as belly fat · Keep your brain nourished with 45 recipes

Simply Ageless

Author: Alessia Davi
Editor: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1982248580
File Size: 72,63 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 6071

Simply Ageless is a remarkable expression of Alessia Davi’s life as she overcomes her journey with suffering from Mental health. This self-help book also includes stories from people of all ages and their journey with their own battle with mental illness. Moreover, it touches upon everyday life lessons that many people are not aware can transfrom their lives instantly. This book leaves you feeling uplifted, awakened, and ready to change your life for the better.

Prevention Positively Ageless

Author: Cheryl Forberg
Editor: Rodale Books
ISBN: 1605299111
File Size: 27,62 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 6002

What does being younger mean to you? Perhaps it's lifelong good health, free of the illnesses often associated with aging—such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer. It could be an agile mind, sharp vision, or smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Or maybe it's a fit body—lean, strong, and flexible, with energy to spare. However you define it, being younger is within your grasp. Follow the program in Prevention Positively Ageless, and you'll begin to see measurable improvements in key biomarkers of aging in as little as 4 weeks. At the heart of the program are daily menus and recipes featuring nutritious, antioxidant-rich foods—the kind that actually help prevent and repair the cellular damage that causes premature aging. Handy charts allow you to see at a glance which foods have the greatest protective potential according to their ORAC scores, a revolutionary system for evaluating and comparing their antioxidant activity. Prevention Positively Ageless also offers hundreds of self-care strategies, all culled from the latest and best scientific research, plus simple self-tests to assess your health risks and needs. Use these tools to build your own age-defying lifestyle; in no time, you'll be turning back the clock—inside and out.

Ageless Face Ageless Mind

Author: Nicholas Perricone, MD
Editor: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0345502353
File Size: 57,58 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 6660

In this revolutionary book, bestselling author and anti-aging expert Dr. Nicholas Perricone reveals a completely new and hidden threat to our looks and our health–and gives us a program to defeat it. Dr. Nicholas Perricone has gotten to the bottom of accelerated aging with the discovery of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products). AGEs are at least as detrimental to our health as transfats but have been largely unknown outside the medical community. AGEs give us wrinkles, but they have also been implicated in serious age-related conditions that cut across all medical specialties, from Alzheimer’s and cataracts to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. Yet we have not had strategic interventions for stopping and reversing the effects of AGEs until now. Dr. Perricone shows us how to win the fight against AGEs with a three-part plan of attack that includes a nutritional program, targeted supplements, and new topicals. His groundbreaking program helps to • erase wrinkles and firm sagging skin • reverse age-related memory loss • heal cardiovascular disease • stop precursors of cancer • prevent symptoms of diabetes Ageless Face, Ageless Mind brings us not only a new and exciting field of research and its remarkable discoveries, but also a way to fight one of the biggest hidden threats to our immediate and long-term health.

An Ageless Woman S Guide To Heart Health

Author: Elizabeth Jackson
Editor: Spry Publishing
ISBN: 1938170237
File Size: 42,38 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 2601

Heart disease has long been thought of as a men’s issue, when it is actually the leading cause of death in both men and women. In fact, since 1984, more American women than men have died of heart disease. Are you surprised?. Often at the helm of their family’s overall health, diet, and nutrition, a woman and her lifestyle decisions can affect not only her own wellbeing; they can determine the habits of her partner and children as well. By becoming better educated, a woman can have a profound, permanent impact on the health of the people around her.. An Ageless Woman’s Guide to Heart Health is every woman’s guidebook to enjoying a heart-healthy life. Renowned cardiologist Dr. Lisa Jackson shares tips and resources to help you make positive steps toward improving your health. Whether you’re younger or older, fit or ailing, it’s never too late to make changes in your life that can lead you—and those you love—to a healthier heart.

Ageless Spine Lasting Health

Author: Kathleen Porter
Editor: BookPros, LLC
ISBN: 9781933538402
File Size: 19,18 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 1461

[i]Ageless Spine, Lasting Health[/i] clearly illustrates just how the body is designed to really work and what true fitness and graceful aging can look like when you simply sit, stand, bend, walk, lift, reach and even sleep in a natural way. Genuine, natural strength is not about "developed" muscles, as almost all of us have come to believe, but is a natural interplay between elastic muscles and aligned bones. It's more about "working in" rather than "working out," and this book will show you how.

The Everything Pilates Book

Author: Amy Taylor Alpers
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1605509523
File Size: 75,33 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 5642

Explore the fitness craze that's right for everyone! Whether you're a ballerina or a couch potato, a mountain biker or a fitness novice, you can do Pilates - and reap its amazing benefits. Perfect for building stronger, leaner, more flexible muscles, relieving stress, and achieving full body health, the Pilates method is a revolutionary program that has the power to transform lives. Written by the founders of the internationally renowned studio, The Pilates Center, The Everything Pilates Book gives you all you need to start doing Pilates in your own home - and choose a studio that's right for you. The book provides step-by-step instruction on how to do such incredible exercises as the Spine Stretch, the Roll-Up, and the Swan, as well as more than 100 clear photographs that make it easy to get started. The Everything Pilates Book helps you: Create a supple, powerful body Prevent osteoporosis Reduce the risk of injury Establish proper posture Increase strength and flexibility Tone abs Alleviate back pain No matter of your physical condition, The Everything Pilates Book can help you take control of your body.

Ageless Intensity

Author: Pete McCall
Editor: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 1718200765
File Size: 23,78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 3235

Are you age 40 or over and want to maintain your workout intensity even as your body starts to age? Are you not yet ready to give up intense sweat sessions? Ageless Intensity offers a research-backed perspective on how high-intensity exercise can not only maximize health benefits past age 40 but also help minimize the physiological effects of aging. Fitness expert Pete McCall provides straightforward science-based information on how the same high-intensity exercise that provides a number of health benefits—from increased lean muscle mass to burning fat to reduced heart rate—can also influence human physiology in a way that can reduce the biological effects of time. Learn about the impacts of aging on the body and how to keep getting results from working out hard and pushing yourself to your limits while doing it safely, lowering the risk of injury, and building in the needed recovery for a body that may be starting to show signs of aging. You'll gain practical knowledge on the importance of strength and power, mobility work, and recovery as the keys to boosting your efforts to build and maintain muscle, burn calories, and help joints stay mobile as the body ages. The exercises included are designed to be challenging and deliver tangible benefits to middle-aged and older adults. Save time with the predesigned workouts or customize a complete workout plan to maximize your results and combat the effects of aging. Reaching the “over-the-hill” milestone doesn’t mean you have to slow down. Ageless Intensity is your guide to maintaining fitness with high-intensity exercise and workouts to remain active, stay in shape, and enjoy your favorite activities for the rest of your life. CE exam available! For certified professionals, a companion continuing education exam can be completed after reading this book. The Ageless Intensity Online CE Exam may be purchased separately or as part of the Ageless Intensity With CE Exam package that includes both the book and the exam.

Practical Pilates Using Imagery

Author: Larkin Barnett
Editor: Lorenz Educational Press
ISBN: 1429117389
File Size: 75,42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 2127

The anytime, anywhere exercise program for even the busiest schedule - without any equipment! Functional Fitness shows you how to enjoy 70 user-friendly exercises, illustrated by over 150 photographs; incorporate a series of simple life-transforming stretches, strengtheners, and stress reduction techniques into even the most hectic schedules; build a comprehensive fitness program for enhancing longevity and peak performance in sports, dance, and your everyday activities;

Orange Coast Magazine

File Size: 65,87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 8352

Orange Coast Magazine is the oldest continuously published lifestyle magazine in the region, bringing together Orange County¹s most affluent coastal communities through smart, fun, and timely editorial content, as well as compelling photographs and design. Each issue features an award-winning blend of celebrity and newsmaker profiles, service journalism, and authoritative articles on dining, fashion, home design, and travel. As Orange County¹s only paid subscription lifestyle magazine with circulation figures guaranteed by the Audit Bureau of Circulation, Orange Coast is the definitive guidebook into the county¹s luxe lifestyle.


Author: Edward L. Schneider, M.D.
Editor: Rodale Books
ISBN: 9781579546212
File Size: 10,62 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 4745

Are you aging too fast? Edward Schneider, M.D., Dean of the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology and one of the field's leading gerontologists, refutes the myth that age equals loss-- of our health and our physical and mental vigor. You can't live forever. (If people tell you otherwise, says Dr. Schneider, don't believe them!) But you can control your aging to significantly reduce your risk of disability and illness and to feel vital and productive throughout your lifespan. By adopting the simple lifestyle measures outlined here, every one of us can live longer by living well. In AgeLess, Dr. Schneider has taken the latest and best research findings in each of the key areas known to affect your healthspan-- nutrition, exercise, weight, sleep, social engagement, and hormones-- and developed his easy-to-follow, science-based New Rules of Aging Less. Some of these New Rules may surprise you. Worried about your weight? Read the science behind New Weight Rule #1-- those few extra pounds may save your life. Or save money with this New Nutrition Rule: Toss out your multivitamins and most of your other supplements-- they may be doing you more harm than good. Do you think a good night's sleep is a relic of lost youth? Read the Dean's AgeLess tips for getting your nightly seven to nine hours-- it's essential to your healthspan. And if you're determined to look as young as you feel, Dr. Schneider also rates cosmetic interventions-- alpha hydroxy acid skin creams, laser peels, Botox injections, and more-- to reveal which ones really work and those that don't. To get started, take Dr. Schneider's Longevity Quotient Quizzes. These comprehensive questionnaires will help you rate your current lifestyle habits-- you'll learn the areas in which you're doing okay and where you need to improve. An AgeLess future is within reach-- start living yours today!

Anta S Ageless Warrior Fitness

Author: Julio Anta
ISBN: 0990622126
File Size: 58,74 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 4863

The Complete Book of Fitness, Strength and Longevity for Seniors. This book is Julio Anta's journey to being fit and looking young at 57. Learn how how Julio Anta went from being like Charlie Brown to Superman and how he has improved in his 50's. Julio Anta believes in leading by example. As you will see by his youthful looks and physique not only does he talks the talk but walks the walk. *Discover your Fountain of Youth* Age Defying Fitness, Health and Longevity* How to look, feel, and function 20 to 30 years youngerHow to raise your testosterone and growth hormone levels for longevity.Discover the secretes to longevity and fitness of celebrities and athletesLearn how local ageless warriors stay fitIf You Train Like a 50 Year Old, You'll Look Like a 50 Year Old, If you Train Like an Ageless Warrior you'll Look Like an Ageless WarriorLearn the secretes of Centenarians. Read about famous Ageless Warriors such as fitness guru Jack Lalanne, Jiu Jitsu Master Helio Gracie, the father of American Tae Kwon Do, Jhon Rhee, Salsa singer and Pastor Bobby Cruz, and Sig Klien stayed young and fit.Defy the Odds, Look Better Today than Yesterday.There is no set way to train like an Ageless Warrior. Ageless Warriors train in different ways. This book will help you discover your Ageless Warrior workout. You'll be introduced to Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Yoga, Bootcamp, Kettlebells, Pilates, Battling Ropes, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Functional Training, Tai Chi, Qi Gung, Calisthenics, and Indian Clubs.Julio Anta is a fit and fearless 57 year old grandfather. His goal is to change your life with over 40 years of fitness and martial arts experience. He is the owner of Anta's Fitness and Self Defense. Anta is certified in numerous martial arts and fitness modalities. He believes in being a student life. He was also a U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant, Law Enforcement Officer and former competitive bodybuilder.